Welcome to Spencer Brewer performing his 15th album ‘Behind the Veil’ in an upcoming livestream concert on February 15, 2023 at 6pm PST, 9PM EST. Featured guests include Jeremy Cohen (arranger and violin), Margie Rice, Paul Yarborough and Joel Cohen. Please check back on this date to see the event


Welcome message from Spencer Brewer

About Spencer Brewer

Spencer Brewer likes to build things. Fix things. Create things. He has tinkered and made something from nothing ever since he was a child who loved to build models and unleash his imagination across multiple disciplines. The combination of his virtuoso pianistic technique, his gifts as a melodist and his Zen approach to organic music composition provides the canvas for his music. Like all the sculptures and gorgeous piano work that also bears his name, they are timeless, beautiful, brilliant and is made by a man who has a lifelong commitment to quality, craftsmanship and integrity….  

With 15 solo and duet albums to his credit, he also creates fantastical pieces of assemblage sculptures out of vintage or unusual objects as well as being a composer, pianist, artist and producer, inspiring audiences for decades with his piano skills, stories and hauntingly unique melodies. As a pianist, composer, and producer, he is known for his stylistically cross-pollinated classical, lyrical instrumental composition. Two of his recordings on Narada, 1989's Dorian’s Legacy and 1991's Piper's Rhythm, hit #1 on the Top Ten on Billboard's New Age chart. His 2008 record ‘Cinematic’ and duet recording ‘Torches on the Lake’ with Paul McCandless won rave reviews and established him a gifted composer, pianist and producer. 

Truly a Renaissance man, Spencer creates and contributes music and art supporting local communities while producing over 200 albums and working as a piano technician on 20,000+ pianos.

The Making of Behind the Veil

Below is a video of Spencer along with the collaborators on ‘Behind the Veil’ talking about their experience and the music.